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Oneida Nation Strongly Urges Everyone to STAY HOME

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Chairman Tehassi Hill and the Oneida Business Committee asks everyone within the Oneida Nation Reservation and operations to stay at home through this pandemic crisis.  This message is being sent to do everything we possibly can to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The safety of every one of us is dependent upon limiting personal contact in the general public.

  1. If you must go to stores for supplies and groceries, carry disinfectant for yourself to make sure you are able to protect yourself from shopping cart germs.
  2. If you must go to work, follow the same precautions to practice social distancing and sanitization.
  3. Do not bring your children or anyone who has been deemed in vulnerable condition inside the store.
  4. Consciously wipe down every surface, especially at gas pumps and shopping carts.

The most important part of our message is to stay home, if you must leave home, restrict your contact with anyone outside your family.  After all contact, sanitize.

Oneida Nation has been following the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic hourly. Our team of professionals and experts have initiated our emergency plans and developed emergency policies and actions and identified emergency resources for our greater Oneida Community.

We want to express our appreciation and gratitude to all our people on these teams, our entire Oneida workforce and our greater community for all the cooperation and support we have experienced.

Finally, we have burned cedar, sage and tobacco and offered our prayers together for the health, safety and welfare of our community and across the world. We also ask for your support and prayers for our families that are mourning the loss of loved ones. We pray for our community to keep a good mind, a good heart and a strong fire.

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