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Summer in Oneida – A Good Mind, A Good Heart, A Strong Fire

General Pressroom Blog

Summer has arrived!  With the warm weather and a great deal of community events, including the Pow Wow and the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic, Oneida Farmer’s Market and more, we expect to see thousands of visitors to our community.  We would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to be aware of the changes to our surroundings.  While we want you all to enjoy summer, we also encourage parents and grand-parents to advise children to be mindful of strangers. 

There’s a great increase in walkers, runners, bikers, and children playing outdoors, drivers must exercise extra caution and slow down when traveling in our community.

Days are going to be heating up, take care to keep yourself hydrated and always check on our elders, handicapped and children to make sure they are safe. Don’t forget to take care of outdoor pets too.

Scams and criminal behavior also increase with all our summer activities, be wary of someone looking to sell something to make a quick buck and be wary of all unlicensed food and beverage sales, door to door sales and people approaching you in parking lots.  If you are suspicious, call the police, better safe than sorry!

Water safety becomes extremely important also with the pools and parks opening and boating season peaks. Make sure you have appropriate safety and rescue equipment near your pools, on your boats and with you when you visit swimming venues. Keep your cellphone down and pay attention to your children!

Most importantly, know where your children are and who they are with, make sure they know how to contact you, ask for help or go to safety when they feel threatened by the weather or by individuals.

Please see the attachments above, post and share and note the Safety Town Flyer for the August event.

With a good mind, a good heart and a strong fire, let’s keep our community safe.

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