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Gov. Tony Evers signs Executive Order #18, which affirms relationships between Wisconsin and Wisconsin’s Tribal Nations

MADISON – Gov. Tony Evers yesterday signed Executive Order #18 relating to an affirmation of the
intergovernmental relationships among the state of Wisconsin and tribal nations located within the state.

The governor’s executive order reaffirms the sovereign authority tribal nations have over their members and territory in the state of Wisconsin.

The governor’s executive order also directs each state agency to consult tribal governments on matters that may indirectly impact tribal nations and develop an updated consultation policy that does the following:

*Ensures the state government workforce is educated on Tribal Nations and sovereignty;
* Strengthens the day-to-day working relationships between Tribal and state government agencies;
* Provides for at least annual consultation meetings with Tribal and state leaders; and
* Identifies at least one agency staff member to serve as a liaison between the agency and the Tribal

“Close collaboration between state and tribal government is essential for every Wisconsinite who is a
member of one of the 11 federally-recognized tribal nations. State policies can impact tribal nations both directly and indirectly and the state can only benefit from productive and sustainable policy
implementation,” said Gov. Evers.

View Executive Order #18 here.