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Partial government shutdown update – January 23, 2019

Sheku Swakweku,

Spending Restriction Resolution:  What we may need to do if the shutdown continues.

The Oneida Nation office of the Treasurer continues to monitor what’s happening in Washington D.C. and the White House regarding the partial government shutdown and the impact on our Tribe.  As we move into the month of February, we must begin to seriously look at the potential for implementing “Spending Restrictions” across operations within the Oneida Nation; we have identified that Federal grant revenue dollars may not be transferred due to the December 22, 2018, federal government shut-down. This means we will identify restrictions on spending, as we move into the month of February.  The OBC is working with operations to ensure contingency plans are being considered and/or followed.

Some of the costs that may be restricted might include, but not be limited to; hiring freeze, wage adjustments, overtime elimination, travel, consultant agreements, new external donations and sponsorships, and capital improvement projects.

We are encouraging all expenditures to be managed and assessed while adhering to all regulatory requirements, but most importantly for the safety and health of our employees and Oneida membership.  We will continue to keep you updated, please watch for upcoming details as our plans move forward. We will continue to post updates on the Oneida Update, our website and social media.  Please feel free to share this message with those not on our Oneida Outlook system.

On behalf of the Treasurer’s office, Yaw^ko for your continued support.

Trish King – Oneida Nation Treasurer

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