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Oneida Tourism Department welcomes summer intern

By Lorenzo Funmaker


Meet UW-Madison student Justin Stensluff, who will be studying microbiology this coming fall semester as a freshman. In addition, Justin is a part of Oneida’s Summer Internship Program under the Tourism department, stating “(the internship) is going good and they’re keeping us busy…a lot of interesting projects to work on, like the Longhouse Project,” said Stensluff. The replica longhouse in the Oneida Village at 3703 Hillcrest Drive off Highway 54.

Justin has helped in numerous events Oneida has held in June and July 2018, such as the Powwow, LPGA Thornberry Creek Classic, and is presently preparing for the Oneida Big Apple Fest coming this September. In other duties, Justin has stayed busy helping with the process of GTC packets being printed and mailed out to Oneida membership, as well as converting some of Gordy McLester’s historical files of Oneida dating back to the 1800s. “What we’re trying to do is take those files and scan them onto a computer, put them on the Oneida website…making a bunch of links for that, so we can preserve a lot of that data and get it on an easier platform for everyone [to access].” says Stensluff.

Justin’s future endeavors after the summer internship and college include medical school to focus on the orthopedics field, particularly a Madison university.