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Zubella set to retire from Bay Bank

Posted on Jan 9, 2018 by
General News

After a career in the banking industry that has spanned more than three decades Bay Bank Executive Vice President Dianne Zubella will be retiring in January. “I’m really going to miss this,” Zubella said. “I’ve prided myself in helping people that couldn’t get help at other banks. We’ve wanted to bank individuals and companies that needed a bank and we’ve done that and we’ve helped start a lot of Oneida businesses. So it’s been a very good career and Bay Bank has been very successful.”

After working in banks throughout Wisconsin like the Bank of Luxemburg, Republic Savings and Loan of Milwaukee, Grafton State Bank, and Wood County National Bank, Zubella has been with Oneida’s Bay Bank since its inception and is pleased with the progress it has shown. “We went from zero to about one hundred million now so it’s grown nicely and we are showing a lot of nice capital. The tribe should be very proud of their bank.”

Once the dust settles and she’s relaxing at home Zubella says the one thing she will miss the most are the people. “It’s been a lot of time, dedication, and energy,” Zubella said. “I’ve been able to help a lot of people and that’s where I pride myself the most is in helping people that need the help. It’s been very, very satisfying for me. I’m a people person so I will absolutely miss them the most.”

As for any big retirement plans Zubella is taking the wait and see approach. “I might just go back to work,” Zubella said. “It’ll be something different but I don’t know what that might be at this point. I don’t really have any hobbies and I haven’t had time to reflect on what I enjoy because banking has been my life and I love it.”

Even with her official retirement date set for Jan. 12, 2018, Zubella wants the community to know that she will continue to serve anybody that needs assistance. “I want people to feel free to contact me anytime with questions,” Zubella said. “I am there for them, have always been there for them, and always will continue to be there for them. I will just miss helping people.”