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Oneida Nation leadership returns from New York

Posted on Nov 16, 2017 by
General News

Oneida Nation leadership has returned home from a trip to evaluate Nation-owned properties in the state of New York.

Oneida Business Committee members Jennifer Webster and Daniel Guzman King joined Chairman Tehassi Hill and Secretary Lisa Summers on the early November trip. Along with OBC members, four Oneida Land Commissioners and Environmental Health & Safety and Land Division Director Pat Pelky joined the trip.

“My purpose for completing this trip was for the OBC to have a firsthand and on the ground assessment of the four properties owned by the Oneida Nation so that appropriate recommendations on the future use of the properties can be made for General Tribal Council,” said Summers.

The Land Commission’s roles made it important that they participated in the trip.

“Because these properties are also connected to, but not directly, the role and responsibilities of the Land Commission and the Land Claims Commission, both bodies representatives were invited to attend. The Land Claims Commission is specifically charged with education efforts about Oneida’s Land Claim and as elected officials, it was important to include them in the effort as it is there responsibility to be knowledgeable about Oneida’s Land Claim history and how we got to where we are today,” Summers said.

The Oneida Nation owns four properties in the state of New York ranging from homes to acreage.

Along with touring the properties Oneida Nation leadership was tasked with assessing the locations for future recommendations.

“One of the purposes for completing this assessment on our properties is to develop appropriate land use plans and or recommendations. The intention at this time is to communicate the current condition of our properties to (the) General Tribal Council and garner feedback from the community on what future uses could be moving forward and how tribal members can participate if they chose,” said Summers.