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$3,000 Granted to Local Schools

Posted on Nov 16, 2017 by
General Press Releases

Each year the Oneida One Stop has the opportunity to submit an application for a local school who could be awarded $500 in grant funding. This year marks a decade of funds provided to local schools from Oneida Retail and the Exxon Mobil Education Alliance program! In the past, more than $15,000 in grant funds have been awarded to local schools serving Oneida children and the local community in our area. Oneida Retail and the Oneida Tribe couldn’t be more pleased with the ability to participate in this program.

Oneida owns and operates six convenience store locations (One Stops and Casino Travel Center) branded Mobil. This affiliation provides Oneida Retail the opportunity to select six different schools for the grant funds. The application is submitted to Exxon Mobil who then take previous grant history, submission time frames, and past public recognition into consideration before considering the school for the award. The Education Alliance funds, if awarded, provide schools $500 to be utilized towards the Math and Science fields.

This year the grant award recipients winners include both Oneida’s Elementary School and High School in Oneida, Lannoye Elementary in Pulaski, King Elementary School in Green Bay, Hillcrest Elementary in Green Bay and Pioneer Elementary School in Ashwaubenon. The schools will be awarded their grants sometime between December 2017 and January 2018.

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