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Bag Checks at GTC Meetings

Posted on Oct 27, 2017 by
Press Releases Pressroom Blog

Our staff continues to have on-going discussions regarding how we can continue to improve on the process for checking in and out of the General Tribal Council meetings. Along with this, safe exiting for the elders and keeping the environment safe and secure for all attendees of the GTC meetings has been elevated to a concern of high importance.

Moving forward, security will be implementing bag checks beginning November 12th. We want to ensure the public safety and well-being of each individual present at the meeting. All bags will be checked by Internal Security prior to entering all future meetings.

Members attending the meeting have the following options:

  • The may choose to have their bags checked prior to entering the meeting by Internal Security; or
  • They may choose to leave their bags in their car

In order to support all measures related to the safety and security of our members, any member refusing to do either of these, will be prohibited from entering the meeting and will not receive a stipend.

For members who wish to bring a bag into the meeting, each member will be requested to open their bag so the Security personnel can clearly see its contents. If an officer is unable to clearly see inside the bag, the member may be asked to remove some items to ensure a thorough check.

We respectfully ask for your cooperation as Internal Security does their job to help keep all of us safe. Please watch for future announcements as more information will be sent out in the forthcoming weeks.

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