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GTC meets for first time with new Oneida Business Committee


With a new Oneida Business Committee (OBC) the General Tribal Council (GTC) met for a Special GTC meeting on Monday, August 14.

The meeting’s agenda featured a tabled item regarding the Health Care Board and new business regarding the 120-day directive of a prior GTC meeting, E-polls conducted by the OBC, and the Tribal Ombudsman position.

The GTC then removed the Health Care Board petition from the table. They then tabled it along with the 120-day directive topic after learning the petitioner was unable to attend the meeting due to hospitalization. It was tabled for 60 days.

The GTC then moved onto discussion about the use of E-polls by the OBC.

According to the OBC, the e-polls are utilized to obtain a decision on a matter than cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled OBC meeting or when a special OBC meeting cannot be called.

After concern was expressed amendments were passed that no GTC related issues can be voted on utilizing e-polls by the OBC and that a person is to be directed to act in the Secretary’s role if the Secretary is unavailable to record vote totals.

The final agenda item focused on the tribal Ombudsman position. The position was established in 2005 in an effort to assist the Comprehensive Health Division patients and employees with concerns with services or work environments.

In 2011, a process was developed by the Comprehensive Health Division and is being administered by the Director of Nursing. The standard operating procedure in place allows for issues and solutions to be resolved in a more timely manner. As a result, the role of the Ombudsman in the Comprehensive Health Division is no longer needed,” said Human Resources Area Manager Geraldine Danforth in a letter to the OBC.

The GTC agreed, and voted to remove the position and rescinded the motion that created the position.