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Traveling trophy stays in Oneida

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The Oneida and Yakama Nations got to renew their good natured football rivalry after the Green Bay Packers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 38-10 on Sunday, December 9. Yakama Nation General Council Chairman Davis Washines, center in yellow, presented Oneida Nation Oneida Business Council Chairwoman Tina Danforth, to Washines’ right, with the traveling trophy on Monday, December 10.  While they were in town for the game, representatives from the Yakama Nation, located in Washington, toured the Oneida Reservation, visited the Oneida Judiciary and agriculture centers, and shared their experience with Public Law 280 which transferred federal law enforcement authority within certain tribal nations to state governments such as Washington and Wisconsin. The Yakama nation worked to retrocede from the law to take their civil and criminal authority back from the state.

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