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Oneida Nation Premiers New Website

Posted on May 4, 2016 by
General Press Releases Pressroom Blog

May 2, 2016

For Immediate Release:

(Oneida Reservation)- The Oneida Nation took a giant leap into a new website. New features that will improve the virtual experience include; search ability, responsiveness, new menus and bread crumbs.  Users will learn more about Oneida through the newly created homepage call-out sections and a press room. The website offers a visually appealing design and interactive functions like subscribe, a new calendar, and social media integration.  It is clean, modern and highlights the uniqueness of Oneida.

Designed for easier navigation, a search bar is prominently featured allowing people to find information faster. And, since more people use mobile devices is now responsive and the format will adapt to the device from which it is accessed. A responsive website also complies with the American Disability Act (ADA) guidelines. Menus are designed and labeled in a way that makes more sense to the visitor. Finally, a new feature called, “bread crumbs” is on each page to help visitors move easier through the website.

The Oneida Nation story is represented through homepage call-out sections about government, community, and enterprises describing the people and Nation. The essence of Oneida is shared in the “We Are Oneida” portion of the homepage and you can learn even more by visiting the new press room. It features an organizational blog, issue briefs, and educational campaigns. This new website provides an opportunity to journey with the Oneida people from exploring the traditional creation story to issues that currently affect the Oneida Nation.

A visually appealing and functional website awaits visitors. Viewers can subscribe to the department pages they are interested in and receive an email or text message when webpage content changes. The new calendar has organizational events and a true “Community Calendar” where viewers will find posted community events and opportunities. In addition to the Oneida official Facebook and Twitter, the Nation has recently launched Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. There is a full list of all official, registered social media channels on the new website.

The new website promises a great experience. A consistent layout and format, easier navigation, new and improved features and function, and interactivity will make people want to come back.

For more information contact:
Bobbi Webster, PR Director

920-869-4270 office 920-819-8357 cell