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Oneida Nation Organizational Blog Launches May 2016

Posted on Apr 28, 2016 by
General Pressroom Blog

The Oneida Nation organizational blog is a place to share news, stories and features about Oneida’s government, operations and employees.  Oneida’s story must be told and this blog is a perfect outlet to provide the narrative. We will introduce our readers to who we are as the Oneida Nation and reveal who we are at our very best.   The organizational blog aims to inform and educate everyone about Oneida as a Nation, organization, and employer.

The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Communication’s staff are primary authors and provide the content for most blog posts.  At times, guest writers are invited share their stories and perspectives during featured events and occurrences. Enjoy the images, videos, and links that support our message.

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While we welcome your comments, we ask that you express yourself in an appropriate manner. Please review blog guidelines:

  • The Oneida Nation is not be responsible for the comments posted to this blog. Any comments are those of the author(s), and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the Nation.
  • Foul language, vulgarity, personal attacks, or threats shall not be posted. An administrator shall remove comments that violate posted guidelines.
  • An administrator shall issue one warning to any guest who posts prohibited comments or engages in inappropriate conduct through this account.
  • Guests may be removed or blocked without warning for 1) threatening or harassing the Tribe, Tribal entities, administrators, or other guests; 2) posting confidential or non-public information that invades the privacy of another.
  • Lastly, out of respect for our employees’ privacy, we reserve the right to remove or edit any posts containing any of our employee’s full names (first and last) or an unsolicited photo of one of our employees. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.