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Facilities Department

The Facilities Department provides preventative and on-demand maintenance of the Oneida Nation’s facilities. The department’s primary responsibility is to ensure we provide capital improvement planning, preventative maintenance, remodeling, fire and security monitoring, event coordination, departmental relocations, and emergency repairs for 70+ buildings. The Facilities Department ensures buildings are code compliant, adhere to specific operational licensing requirements, provide a comfortable working environment for employees and clients, and operate as energy efficient as possible.

In order to accomplish our objectives, it takes a team of individuals that plan accordingly, work together, and are constant communication with each other. The way we try to facilitate this is through daily communication with supervisors and employees.  In the maintenance field, many unexpected issues and problems occur daily that require redirecting plans and priorities.  Supervisors are given the authority and responsibility to make decisions given the circumstances facing them.  They are coached to know when they need to call other departments and/or contractors in for assistance in any emergency.  The emphasis relayed to all employees is always to act in a safe manner in addressing any problem.

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