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Land Returned to Oneida Women Divided by International Borders and Colonization

Oneida Nation Chairman, Tehassi Hill welcomed the news today that there is a great potential for the future of the Oneida Nations to join together to sustain the land, the

2018_08_22 BC Open pkt for public

the provisions of this rule controls. 1.2-5. This rule supersedes all prior rules, regulations, internal policies or other requirements relating to the Leasing Law. 1.3. Definitions 1.3-1. This section governs…

2019 03 25 annual GTC minutes

…have questions. In essence, the issues were the disability fund, the burial fund, the voiding unlawful membership rule, and the per capita endowment and the Sustain Oneida project. Those were…

2018_09_26 BC Open pkt for public

…COMMITTEE 1. Accept July 12, 2018, Audit Committee meeting minutes Sponsor: David P. Jordan, Councilman 2. Accept Craps rule of play compliance audit and lift confidentiality requirement Sponsor: David P….

2022 12 21 LOC Meeting Packet

…candidates. 61 102.3-15. “Nation” means the Oneida Nation. 62 102.3-16. “Nation’s newspaper” shall mean the Kalihwisaks, or any other newspaper operated by 63 the Nation for the benefit of transmitting…

Book tells of American Indian children in boarding schools

…“with high alcoholism, high diabetes and a lot of other health issues, one of the overarching reasons is the boarding school era.” ___ Information from: Minnesota Public Radio News,…

Apr. 12

…allows for only authorized agencies granted rulemaking authority by a law to create rules. Those authorized agencies which were granted rulemaking authority by a law can then create rules interpreting…
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