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Nov. 9

…action that may be taken can be accepted at the October 26, 2016, regular Business Committee meeting, seconded by Jennifer Webster. Motion carried unanimously. IX. NEW BUSINESS A. Review request…

Aug. 10

and the Land Commission have been 5 delegated rulemaking authority under this law to develop rules according to the Administrative 6 Rulemaking law which may contain more detailed requirements for…

August 10

…one (1) seat – Haudeneshonee Nationals Development Board Public Packet 36 of 233 1 Danelle A. Wilson To: Tehassi Tasi Hill Subject: RE: Haudenosaunee Nationals Development Group From: Tehassi Tasi…

2022 semi-annual report

…Actual 20 40 60 80 70 47.5 Milllions Tribal Contribution for Operations Dollars Available from Investments their industry and stock price maybe lower than the perceived value), International Stocks, and

Feb. 8

…delegated 113 authority to expend appropriated funds based upon the 114 procurement manual rules [see 121.8-1]. 115  Fee Waivers Rules 116 o Programs and services charging fees may offer…

Nov. 10

new bituminous surface 2 0008-10 810 0.1 2016 Vandenheuval Lane 30,000$ Tribe 150,000$ Tribe 10,000$ Tribe 190,000$ Reclaim existing road surface, new bituminous surface 3 1023 10 0.1 2016 Beechtree/Site…

Internal Audit

Welcome to the Oneida Nation Internal Audit Department Mission Statement: Internal Audit serves Oneida membership, management and government by performing independent and objective assessments and reviews of functions, activities and

May 27

…that they take each other as spouses, in 138 Page 51 of 153 for OBC consideration (clean) 05/27/15 71-4 accordance with the customs, rules, and regulations of any religious denomination,…

Feb. 11

…individual’s New York Oneida blood and Oneida of the Thames blood when determining blood quantum for Tribal membership. Next Steps: Wait until the Sustain Oneida initiative gathers information and the

February 8

…OBC SOP Ticket Distribution Page 5 of 5 8.0 TRANSFER TICKETS TO JOINT MARKETING 8.1 BC Support Office: 8.1.1 Contacts Joint Marketing within one (1) business day to arrange transfer…
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