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Scholarships and Resources

Date Posted: Deadline:
Entertainment Software Association Scholarship 03.08.2018 04.26.2018
$3,000 scholarship available to women or minority students pursuing degrees in computer and video game arts.
WPS Scholarship 03.08.2018 04.30.2018
High school seniors who plan to enroll in a technical college within the WPS service districts.
Oneida ESC Group (OESC) High School Milwaukee School of Engineering 2018 Summer Camp Engineering Program Scholarship 04.13.2018 05.01.2018
Open to high school students. Scholarship will cover the cost of a one-week academic program, student housing, meals, and evening activities at the Milwaukee School of Engineering campus.
Oneida ESC Group College Scholarship Program 04.13.2018 07.01.2018
Oneida ESC Group (OESC) will award up to two scholarships of $5,000 annually to a high school senior or college student pursuing a college education in engineering or earth/natural sciences. The scholarships are merit-based; submission of financial information is not required for eligibility.
Purcell Powless Scholarship


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