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Scholarships and Resources

Date Posted: Deadline:
Associate on American Indian Affairs 12.08.2017 12.15.2017
Scholarships available for both undergraduate and graduate students.
Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association Scholarship 12.08.2017 01.16.2018
Scholarships available for students in automotive, diesel, auto collision, and motorcycle technician programs.
American Indian Law School Scholarship 12.04.2017 01.31.2018
Eligible applicants must be American Indian or Alaska Natives and enrolled tribal members or lineal descendants of an enrolled parent or grandparent and seeking to obtain a law degree from Harvard Law School. Preference will be given to tribal college and university graduates.
Native American Political Leadership Program – Summer 2018 12.01.2017 02.01.2018

The Native American Political Leadership Program (NAPLP) is a full scholarship for  students who want to take part in Semester in Washington Politics. It is open to undergraduate and graduate students. There is no application fee for those applying for the NAPLP scholarship.

 Wisconsin Medical Society Scholarships 12.01.2017 02.01.2018
Numerous Scholarships with varying requirements.
Amy Hunter-Wilson, MD, Scholarship – American Indian Students specific. 
Intertribal Timber Council Scholarship 12.08.2017 02.07.2018
Native American students pursuing a higher education in Natural Resources.
Forest County Potawatomi Foundation Scholarship 12.08.2017 03.16.2018
Three separate scholarships available for undergraduate students attending school in Wisconsin.
Purcell Powless Scholarship


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