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BC Resolutions

Business Committee resolutions are used to document the decisions officially adopted by the elected officials. The resolution differs from other actions taken in a Business Committee meeting by including the…

BC Meeting Materials for Members Only

…links provided below. A legal opinion has been completed and further details can be found here. For Tribal members who attend BC meetings, a paper copy of meeting materials for…

Meeting Materials

To obtain a General Tribal Council meeting agenda or packet dated prior to 2007: Records Management – or (920) 869-4402…

Indian Preference

The Oneida Indian Preference law is meant to protect, promote employment opportunities, and provide economic security for the people of our sovereign nation. Oneida Nation Sovereignty The Oneida Nation has…

Current Petitions

  General Information Article III, Section 6. of the Constitution of the Oneida Nation states fifty (50) or more qualified voters, as defined in Article III, Section 2., may call…

BC Minutes

If the information you are looking for has an error, please contact Aliskwet Ellis at or 920-869-4408….

May 11

…in the 198 Permanent Executive Contingency account. The Treasurer shall set aside business 199 continuity funds in the Permanent Executive Contingency account until the established 200 level has been achieved….
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