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The Homeownership by Independent Purchase (HIP) Program helps to increase Oneida enrolled members homeownership; increase the land base available for the fee-to-trust process, while simultaneously affording you a greater independence in the purchase process by requiring the buyer to negotiate the purchase offer independent of the Nation.

In order to initiate the HIP process, the buyer shall request a certificate of pre-qualification from Bay Bank which will provide the maximum amount of financing that Bay Bank is willing to offer towards a home purchase.

In order to be eligible to participate in the HIP Program, the buyer may not be a party to an existing residential lease.

Eligible Property

In order for a property to be eligible for an offer to purchase it:

  • Must be fee land located within Reservation;
  • Must be single family dwelling located on the property; vacant properties are not eligible for this program;
  • Must be free of any and all environmental concerns to the satisfaction of the Environmental Health & Safety and Land Division;
  • Must be free of any and all title defects to the satisfaction of the Oneida Law Office;
  • May not require mortgage loan for the improvements in excess of $250,000; and
  • May not have a tax assessed value of greater than $75,000 for the land.
  • May not have restrictive covenants which would prevent the Nation from having the land put into trust status. Subdivisions which may have such restrictive covenants include, but are not limited to: Thornberry Creek subdivisions, Tailwinds, Centennial Centre, and Polo Point.

Real Property Law – Rule #1: Homeownership by Independent Purchase (HIP)

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