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COVID-19 Pandemic College Assistance Program Application


Pandemic College Assistance Program

Program Eligibility

  • Must be an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation (Enrollment number is required).
  • Must be 18 years and older as of August 12, 2020
  • Must be enrolled in a higher education institution (proof of acceptance and enrollment is required)
  • Seeking education funds due to the Public Health Emergency which resulted in decreased student funding, or altered financial situations (medical expenses, loss of job, job reallocation, etc.).

Important Information

  •  Due to the short time frame of this program, students are encouraged to submit their application online.
  • You may be subjected to being audited by the Oneida Nation and/or the Internal Revenue Service. It is advised to keep a copy of your application and any receipts of your purchases/payments.
  • Duplicate applications will not be accepted. Students should ensure their original application lists all the required items.
  • Incomplete applications (missing paperwork, incomplete application) will be returned to students. Updated applications must be received prior to deadline (October 16th) for application to be considered.
  • We strongly encourage you to work with your school’s financial aid office to discuss any potential effects the receipt of these funds may have on your current or future financial aid.
  • Federal funds allocated to students through the COVID-19 Pandemic College Assistance Program are a general welfare exemption and not subject to taxation if used for the intended purposes.
  • Please be aware that checks not cashed by November 30, 2020, will be considered null and void and will not be reissued after this date.
  • Students attending an institution not accredited by an accrediting body approved by the U.S. Department of Education may be asked to provide proof of state-approved accreditation or professional affiliation.

Any applications received after business close on October 16th will be not be accepted.

  • Student Information
  • College Acceptance
  • Funding Request Worksheet
  • Confirm, Sign & Submit
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Students Information

An email will be sent to confirm your application submission.

Students Mailing Address

Student’s checks will be mailed directly to this address!
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