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Dollars for Art Grant Program


The Dollars for Art Program (DAP) was created in 1999 with a continuing grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board (WAB). DAP Grants are awarded for artistic endeavors and projects in both traditional and contemporary styles of visual arts, literature, music, theatre, and dance. DAP has funded over 266 arts projects to 130 unique artists, arts organizations, and community groups.

The Oneida Nation Arts Board (ONAP) awards the grants through the Dollars for Arts Program (DAP) program every year. The applicants are rated by a Peer Panel Review and funds are allocated by the Oneida Nation Arts Board (ONAB) based on the recommendations of the panel review.

The grants were awarded to community organizations and enrolled Oneida tribal members with funds provided by the Wisconsin Arts Board (WAB) and the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. The ONAB board distributes $12,000 dollars ($6,000.00 from WAB and $6,000.00 in tribal contribution) for art projects that benefit the Oneida community. The DAP program policies can viewed here on the Oneida Nation’s website: Chapter 128.

The grant application deadline is the 4th Friday of July every year. All activities must occur between October 1st of this year and September 30th of the following year.


Oneida Fellowship Application and Final Report

A $1,000 cash award may be given to an Oneida artist for artistic excellence. There is a maximum of one Fellowship available per fiscal year. Prospective applicants who have received a Fellowship from ONAP in the last 3 years or received an Artist Development Award in the current fiscal year are not eligible. Application deadline: 4th Friday of July.

Oneida Fellowship Application

Fellowship Final Report

Artist Development Application

Available to artists who have identified a special project that will enhance their professional development and benefit the Oneida community. Application deadline: 4th Friday of July.

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