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Mercedes Danforth

Southwest High School – Grade 11

Megaceryle Alcyon (Kingfisher)

Chalk Pastel – 16 x 23 inches

The artist’s admiration for Kingfishers, or Megaceryle Alcyon, stems from both the vibrant aesthetic of the breed and their sweet nature.  Kingfishers are known to be shy and are devoted to their young, providing for them until adulthood. Like bluebirds, they are seen as good omens. The name
“Alcyon” in their scientific family refers to the Greek myth of Alcyone and Ceyx- where the name originates.
BIO: Mercedes Danforth is currently a junior at Southwest High School who is pursuing a profession in the arts, she plans on becoming either an illustrator or screenwriter. Her preferred medium is charcoal and watercolor, and she enjoys creating works that depict
nature/her native culture.


Marsha Danforth : $80.00

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