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Camille Billie

West De Pere High School – Grade 11

Unapologetically Native

Acrylic on Canvas – 12 x 20 inches

This painting depicts the pride in who we
are as native people. Using only colors of
the medicine wheel symbolizes ultimate
healing and acceptance in oneself, and
there being a woman instead of a man
in the painting because she’s the creator
of life.
BIO: I was the kid sitting in the corner of
the room reading a Spider-Man comics
that was hidden by the boring cover of
the American History book that I was
supposed to be reading. It’s not that I
didn’t like history, it’s just I understood
that it was from a point of view that w as
from one culture. I understood at a
young age that everything we were
taught in school was from an “American”
point of view… but I am Native American
and African American… so my idea of
history is very different from w hat school
wants me to think. This mindset lead to
me reverting to my roots for inspiration in
art and writing to show a message that
many often look over. Even as a little kid,
If I couldn’t write what I felt, I drew it.


Luann King-Skenandore: $60.00

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