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Tribal Corporations

For the duration of the Oneida Nation’s Public Health State of Emergency, the Nation is directing resources toward mitigation efforts and response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our website may not be updated regularly – please refer to the Nation’s website,, and the Nation’s social media accounts for the most up-to-date information.

Oneida Airport Hotel Corporation

Duties and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors shall manage the business and activities of the Corporation. The Board of Directors shall have control and management of the business and activities of the Corporation. The Directors shall in all cases act as a Board.  The Directors may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of their meetings and the management of the Corporation, as they may deem proper, not inconsistent with law, these By-Laws, the Charter, tribal ordinances and/or the Oneida Constitution.


The Business Committee, in selecting and appointing members of the Board of Directors, shall give due consideration to qualities of industry, responsibility, integrity and judgment, and shall have due regard for:

  1. The need for diversity of experience on the Board of Directors
  2. The need for adequate representation of the various areas of expertise served and required by the Corporation
  3. The guidelines of organizations providing financial assistance to the Corporation

Members & Term (Updated 6/26/2020)

Patricia Lassila 02/01/17 to 01/31/21
Robert Barton, Vice Chair 08/31/17 to 01/31/22
Kathy Hughes, Chair 02/01/17 to 01/31/22
Vacant 02/01/18 to 01/31/23
Kateri Baker 02/01/20 to 01/31/25
Daniel Guzman-King BC Liaison
Kirby Metoxen BC Liaison
Trish King BC Liaison Alternate 

Governing Documents

Oneida Airport Hotel Corporation By-Laws

Oneida Airport Hotel Corporation Charter


Please contact Jeanne Nault,  (920) 405-6410 or [email protected] for requests relating to the Corporation.

Bay Bancorporation


Bay Bancorporation Inc is the parent company for Bay Bank. The Bank focuses on providing deposit accounts, consumer loans, residential mortgage loans and small business loans to customers in the Green Bay area.  

Members & Term (Updated 8/13/20)

Fern Orie 08/01/19 to 07/31/22
Bob Jossie 10/24/18 to 10/24/20
Elaine Skenandore 07/13/18 to 07/13/21
Todd VanDen Heuvel 07/23/18 to 07/23/21
Jeff Bowman, President/CEO 07/13/17 to 07/23/22
David P. Jordan BC Liaison
Ernest Stevens III BC Liaison Alternate
Daniel Guzman King BC Liaison Alternate


Bay Bancorporation Amended and Restated Bylaws (2018)


Please contact Jeff Bowman, (920) 490-7600 for requests relating to the Corporation.

Oneida ESC Group LLC

Purpose, Duties, and Responsibilities

The purpose of the Oneida Engineering, Science, and Construction LLC. (OESC) shall be to conduct any and all lawful affairs for which a limited liability company may be organized under the Act. OESC is a wholly-owned holding company of the Oneida Nation. The Small Business Act permits a tribally-owned concern SBA 8(a) to be owned through a wholly-owned holding company of the Tribe.  OESC owns two subsidiaries:  Mission Support Services (MS2) and Sustainment & Restoration Services (SRS) which are two SBA 8(a) companies that are owned by the Oneida Nation.  The holding company structure allows for efficiencies of shared administrative services such as Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, and Management among other overhead costs that are provided to its subsidiaries.



  • Indian Preference will be followed.
  • Education and Experience: Must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or a more advanced degree from and accredited college or university in all diversified fields with 10 years of management experience. However, the technical field of civil engineering, environmental, construction or any related field is strongly preferred, One of the three Board Members should have the above technical education and experience background. If the number of Board Members is increased, a minimum of 1/3 of the Board Members should have the above technical education and experience background.
  • Managers cannot:
    a) be an owner, manager, employee consultant or Board member in or to a business engaged in a line of business similar to the Company-i.e., environmental, remediation, construction, engineering, and emergency response services, or a related business, e.g., a supplier or equipment provider, or serve on the board of directors of any similar or related business-unless the other Company is also owned by Oneida Nation ; or
    b) be and employee of a government agency that is a client of the Company; or
    c) in the past two years have been employed by a government agency or have been and independent consultant/contractor conducting business on behalf of a government agency that has competition and no conflict of interest is proven.  For the purpose of b) and c), the Oneida Nation shall not be considered to be a government agency.
  • Conduct: The Managers cannot have been convicted of, or have pleaded guilty to a crime involving dishonesty or breach of trust, or a crime which would be a felony under current, applicable law.  The Managers must be well regarded in the Tribe and have long-term reputation for the highest ethical and moral standards.

Members & Term (Updated 2/18/2020)

Leslie Wheelock 7/1/2017 to 6/30/20
Jacqueline Zalim 7/1/2019 to 6/30/22
John Breuninger, Chairman 7/1/2018 to 6/30/21
Lisa Summers BC Liaison
Ernest Stevens III BC Liaison
Trish King BC Liaison Alternate
Daniel Guzman King BC Liaison Alternate

Governing Document

Oneida ESC Group LLC. Operating Agreement


Please contact Heather Cotey, Corporate Administrator, (414) 607-6728 or [email protected] for requests relating to the Corporation.

Oneida Golf Enterprise


Oneida Golf Enterprise (OGE) d.b.a. Thornberry Creek at Oneida (TCO) is a wholly owned corporation of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, purchased in 2009. TCO is a 27-hole premier golf facility located in Oneida, Wisconsin on 308 acres. TCO offers entertainment through an award winning 27-hole golf facility, many dining options in the sports pub and an expansive 7000 square foot ballroom for corporate, wedding and social events.

Members & Term (Updated 7/17/2019)

Eric McLester OGE Agent
Trish King BC Liaison
Tehassi Hill BC Liaison Alternate
Lisa Summers BC Liaison Alternate
Ernest Stevens III BC Liaison Alternate

Governing Documents

2019 02 08 Corporate Charter of Oneida Golf Enterprise     BC# 02-08-19-A

Oneida Golf Enterprise By-Laws


Please contact Dena Skenandore at 434-8660 x-121 or [email protected]  for requests relating to the Corporation.

Oneida Seven Generations Corporation


The purpose of this Corporation is to engage in activities related solely to the purposes of commercial leasing.

Members & Term (Updated 10/25/17)

Pete King III Agent
Brandon Stevens BC Liaison
Trish King BC Liaison Alternate
Lisa Summers BC Liaison Alternate

Governing Documents

Oneida Seven Generations Corp. By-Laws

Oneida Seven Generations Corporation Charter

12-24-13-A Reorganization of Oneida Seven Generations Corporation

05-27-15-C Appointment of Agent to Oneida Seven Generations Corporation

01-25-17-A Extending the Appointment of Agent for Oneida Seven Generations Corporation Until Such Time as Dissolution


Please contact Becky Demmith, Administrative Assistant,  (920) 347-0500 for requests relating to the Corporation.

Additional/Contact Info