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Eligibility Requirements:

Age: Provide proof that you are least 18.5 years old or that your 9th grade class has graduated from high school. Students age 17 to 18.5 years may only be served through a school district or special program. Additionally, you must not be enrolled in a public or private high school.

Residency: Provide proof that you have resided in Wisconsin for at least 10 days.

Application: Complete an application form at the initial meeting and pay a testing and credential fee.

Next Steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment for the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education): 2 Math and 2 Language Arts assessments, approximately 4 hours.
  2. Two program options based on TABE results—GED or HSED 5.09 (referral to NWTC)
  3. Tutoring and assistance is available while working toward your degree.
  4. Ask about financial assistance for Oneida Nation tribal members & employees.
  5. Make yourself an account on MyGED. Find study materials, tips, practice tests, and schedule your GED test at a local testing center.


NWTC GED and HSED Prep Programs

Testing Center Location is located on the third floor in Room SC365.  Park in Lot A. Enter through the front entrance and follow signage.

Take the TABE Pre-Test

To begin the GED® process and determine your knowledge level, NWTC offers  TABE tests in Reading. TABE tests are free of charge and can be taken in the NWTC Green Bay Assessment Center in room SC365 of the Student Center. Picture identification is required for all testing done in the Assessment Center. Please allow 2.5 hours to finish test. NOTE: TABE testing must be complete before you can attend GED® Orientation.

To sign up for the TABE test, call 920-498-5686.

Attend GED® Orientation

GED® Orientation is a four-hour course where you’ll get GED®/HSED program information, a Personal Education/Career Plan, a tour, and enrollment in to your GED® prep classes. Attendance at the entire session is required to receive credit for completion.

After you complete your TABE test, you can register for an orientation with the ABE Navigator.  If you’ve recently taken a TABE test call 920-498-5686 to schedule a GED® Orientation.

Attend GED® Prep Courses (optional)

NWTC offers four prep classes designed to help students prepare for GED® or HSED testing, which include GED®Prep 1, GED® Prep 2, GED® B2CC, and Math Seminar. Prep classes are offered  in both the mornings or an evenings.  You’ll receive instruction from highly qualified and experienced GED® Instructors who will guide you through the process of completing your GED®!

Students receive a personalized schedule of prep classes during GED® Orientation.

Take the GED® Test

To complete the GED® Certificate at NWTC students must complete:

  • Reading assessment
  • Wisconsin Civics Literacy Test
  • 4 GED® Tests

Students seeking an HSED must complete:

  • GED requirements listed above
  • Health Literacy test
  • Employability Skills test

NOTE: To test you must first complete the TABE Testing session, Career Plan, and Orientation, as well as provide proof of age with a valid, unexpired form of picture identification which matches your name exactly. A Wisconsin Driver’s License, Wisconsin Identification Card, Out-of-state Driver’s License with proof of Wisconsin residency, or a Passport is acceptable. 

Testing Fees 

GED® Tests are $33.75 per test. Retests can be taken for $10.00 per retest  after the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction waiting period. The Civics test is $10.00 (NOTE: As of July 1, 2016 all candidates must take the Civics Test required by 2015 Wisconsin Act 55 and pass with a score of 65 out of 100.) Test fees are not refundable.

HSED test fees include fees for GED® as above, plus $25.00 per test for Health and $25.00 for the Health retest. Test fees are not refundable. No fee is charged for the Employability Skills test.  A $15.00 State Credentialing Fee is payable prior to taking the last test.

Your GED® Prep Instructor will advise you on how to schedule your GED®/HSED tests during your Orientation. 

Additional/Contact Info