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About Land Management

The Seventh Generation Vision is to strengthen the Oneida Community, develop a provision system that fits our Family/community values (food, shelter, clothing, services), set our own member standards to ensure Seven Generations, strengthen family, establish a stable Oneida economy, develop a uniform code for all that is Oneida, provide for our elders who are the keepers of our ways, revitalize Oneida history, culture and heritage, protect the land and preserve the environment and establish a national value of holistic education for our own.

Mission Statement Division of Land Management

In coordination with the goals and objectives of the “Seven Generations”, it is the intent of the Division of Land Management to reestablish tribal jurisdiction of the lands within the 1838 Oneida Indian Reservation boundaries of Wisconsin and to preserve, maintain and distribute such lands according to the needs of our General Tribal Council.

Mission Statement of the Administration

To oversee and assist the Division of Land Management staff in all aspects of obtaining, the goals and objectives set forth in their  Development Plan.  It is the intent of the Legal Services Office to facilitate the development of criteria for services which will ensure fairness and due process to the membership and clients of the Division of Land Management.

Mission Statement of the Administrative Support

To excel in customer service, networking, internal operations, office management, accounts and systematic records thus, fortifying support for the Division of Land Management.  This is accomplished through the combined efforts of the Administrative staff and File Room personnel.

Mission Statement of the Register of Deeds

To record land transactions, in support of the Oneida Real Property Law and the Oneida Self-Governance Compact with the B.I.A.  It is our desire to strengthen the foundation of Oneida Sovereignty by recording, managing and controlling the Nation’s land records.

Mission Statement of the Land, Title and Trust Services

To document the cultural heritage to tribal land by maintaining consistent procedures and practices while promoting self-governance through the Division of Land Management of the Oneida Tribe.

Mission Statement of Real Estate Services

To acquire, manage and maintain tribally owned lands and improvements on behalf of the Division of Land Management.  To make available rental homes, apartment living, commercial, agricultural and residential living.  To maintain safe and sanitary buildings and land resources according to the tribal membership needs.

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